Beta Expiry

If you have reached this page from the ‘Beta Expiry’ dialog in PropertyWizard, there’s bad news and good news.

The ‘Beta Expiry’ dialog in PropertyWizard

The bad news is that the PropertyWizard Beta has ended, so the Beta software will no longer work. But thank you for downloading and trying PropertyWizard!

Uninstall PropertyWizard Beta

It’s important that you uninstall the Beta software. This page has a downloadable uninstaller and manual uninstallation details: Uninstall PropertyWizard Beta

Download the new PropertyWizard

The good news is that the Production version of PropertyWizard is available on the Autodesk App Store:

PropertyWizard on the Autodesk App Store

Please go there and try the Production version. There’s even a 30-day free trial!

Any problems at all, please get in touch: