How to install Revit Lookup

Post updated 28 September 2021 with the latest links

Revit Lookup is a free, open-source add-in for Revit, which you can use to explore the Revit API.

You will find it invaluable if you are using Dynamo or pyRevit, and also if you are using my Revit Add-in, PropertyWizard.

In this post, I am going to explain how to download and install Revit Lookup, and then in future posts I’ll explain how to get started with Revit Lookup, how to use it in Dynamo and pyRevit, and how to use Revit Lookup with PropertyWizard.

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How to use PropertyWizard for Sheet Numbers

Now that PropertyWizard is available for Beta testing, I’d better start showing how to use it.

My first PropertyWizard video showed BS1192 sheet numbering. So why not start there?

In the UK, drawing sheet numbers are specified in BS 1192. Each number consists of several fields concatenated together with hyphens. Very often, it’s useful to have both the individual fields as Revit properties, and also the concatenated full number in its own property.

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