How to combine boolean expressions in PropertyWizard for Revit

This post explains how to combine boolean (Yes/No or True/False) expressions in your PropertyWizard formulas. I’ve written about finding text and using boolean expressions before, but never explained how to combine more than one boolean together. This post fixes that omission.

There are two different ways to combine booleans in PropertyWizard: Logical Functions and Logical Operators. They both do exactly the same thing, so you can use whichever you find easier.

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PropertyWizard – New Version 1-8-3

PropertyWizard version 1-8-3 is now live on the Autodesk App Store.

Download from here – with free trial

Help file here

This version removes the WorksharingInfo feature, because after further exploration and testing, it is clear that it cannot be made to work properly with synchronisation. The way the data moves between the Revit session and the Central file means that formulas using the feature will not work properly over time.

There’s a first time for everything, and this is the first time I’ve had to remove a feature from PropertyWizard.

In happier news, this version adds support for centimeter and inch units in formulas, using the suffixes ‘cm’ and ‘inch’. This should allow you to write formulas directly in those units, rather than having to input odd values in ft and mm.