PropertyWizard – New Version 1-6-0

PropertyWizard 1-6-0 is now live on the Autodesk App Store.

Download from here – with free trial

Help file here

This version includes the top user-requested feature: Import and Export formulas. So you can now transfer your carefully-curated formulas from one Revit project to another!

You simply click the new ‘Export’ button in PropertyWizard’s main window, and choose where to save the formula file. Then click the ‘Import’ button to select the formula file and import the formulas when you’re in the other Revit model.

Screenshot of the PropertyWizard Main Window, highlighting the new Import and Export buttons
New Import and Export buttons in V1-6-0
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How to automate your Key Plans with PropertyWizard

New in PropertyWizard 1-5-0, you can control parameters on Title Blocks. This means you can automate your Key Plans to have the highlights match your sheets automatically:

Sheet parameter controlling the key plan highlight

In this example, my building is divided into three zones. Each of my plan sheets shows one of the zones, and I want to highlight the relevant zone in the key plan. I’m using ISO 19650 sheet numbers (updated to the 2021 UK National Annex), so the sheet number contains the spatial zone reference. But without PropertyWizard there’s no way to automatically update the key plan highlights when I set the sheet’s zone. And having two sources of truth (a setting on the sheet and a separate setting on the title block/key plan) is a recipe for having some sheets showing the wrong highlight.

With PropertyWizard 1-5-0, you can connect a parameter on the title block to a parameter on the sheet, so the key plan will automatically update when you set the sheet parameter.

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